Thursday, June 9, 2011

Project Motivate Me

"Everybody is staring at us!" "DUH, It's because we're beautiful" -Mama G to her little sister on the days she felt self conscious

All things are possible

Have you ever started one of those Monday diets?  You know the ones that turn into "oh I'll start tomorrow"? Yeah, that would be my favorite type of diet... the ones that never actually start. 
Earlier this week... after looking at some pictures that were taken over the weekend, (see my summer checklist {Project 1000} ), I realized WOW it really is time to get motivated and get my body back.
I was talking to Jacques My Love, and explaining that with all this extra weight I feel as though my personality is not shining as bright as it used to. I feel like people look at me and see my weight. They don't see my vibrant, fun outgoing, sometimes outlandish personality. So being the amazingly supportive wonderful person that he is he promised that we were going to start P90x, and STICK to it!
So here in the midst of a summer full of goals, lists, and "Projects", I would like to say CHEERS to one more.. Project Motivate Me, and CHEERS to living life to the fullest everyday in every way! :)

~Love Always Mama G~

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

If you give a mouse a cookie...

"Don't wait. The time will never be just right."
- Napoleon Hill

After reviewing my Summer Check list I realized there was something vital missing. Something I most likely forgot about  have been dreading acknowledging! What on earth could a full time working mom, and wife need to work on? Oh yeah that's right... That would be my seriously need to DE-clutter my house… meh… Or maybe my whole life. In the past I was always that overly organized boarder line OCD woman who everyone went to for help. Sometime after becoming a mom, and a full time worker it seems my time management/general organizational skills got misplaced. 
Upon looking around my house I realized we, Jacques and I, had become complete pack rats! Where did all this come from? WOOPSIE!! I woke up this morning excited and determined to call out my inner OCD and get things back on track. No more "lets fix this tomorrow". 
Being the research freak Fanatic that I am I searched the Internet for any and all resources, and came out the other side with some new exciting and fresh ideas. Today as the coffee set in I went on a massive cleaning frenzy, and hello OCD, like a slap in the face, there you are again. Cleaning the bathroom sink lead to an all out bathroom showdown... I will say I WON! But oh no if you clean the bathroom you must wipe down the door... and then the walls... and then clean out the hall closet, and let me tell you, if you clean out the hall closet you might as well clean them all! Throw out this... throw out that... put this in storage. Kitchen sink, check, under the sink, check. Oh snap... did you know your stove top lifts up, and the little window in your oven pops out. Yikes I must be the only one who did not know that(shh don't tell)!! Oh my house has never shined so bright! Now for the garage sale...Talk about if you give a mouse a cookie! :)

Project 1000
Any and all DE-clutter tips and tricks are welcomed with love!

~Love Always Mama G~

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer Rocks my World

"I smile because you are my sister, I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it!"
-- Author Unknown

The beautiful thing about coming from a large family is you will never NOT have someone to play with, look up to, and be inspired by!
Every year my youngest sister, Jen, creates a list of things she wants to accomplish by the end of the summer(something like a Summer Time Bucket list), and every year her  Obsessive Compulsive overly determined little self  finishes every task. Well... except for last year... I failed to take her swimming and to Jimmy Johns(our summer tradition). This year, inspired by Jen, I decided to create my own list. So cheers to summer, being inspired by family, and blogging my way through Summer 11. !

Project 1000

  1. Go to Warped Tour with my sisters
  2. . Take Aries swimming at least once a week(at least one time with Aunt Jenifer!)
  3. Take Aries fishing for the first time, and go at least once a week
  4. Go to Valley Fair at least once
  5. Take Aries to Duluth
  6. Go to the cabin at least once
  7. Finish my reading list
  8. Treat my self to Caribou(best coffee shop ever!) as often as possible!
  9. Go an entire week with no social media
  10. Go bowling at least 3x
  11. Buy a new wardrobe
  12. Bake a cake
  13. Project 1000… take at least 11 pictures a day until September
  14.  Go to a concert with Jacques
  15. Spend a night out dancing
  16. Make a blog/vlog at least 3 days a week
  17. finally put Aries 1st year scrap book together
  18. Take Aries to the zoo
  19. Take Aries to the children’s museum
  20. Harry Potter at Midnight
  21. Take Aries on his first boat ride
  22. Take Aries to Music in Plymouth
  23. Take Aries to the state fair... EEK
  24. Have a big Summer BBQ
  25. Enjoy being with people I love
  26. Get Organized and live Clutter Free
  27. GET FIT!
    ~Love Always Mama Garcia~

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Love and Life and Everything in Between

"Being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect. It means you’ve decided to see beyond the imperfections.”

This saying is everything to me. In life, especially as a mother, there are many trials and tribulations. Nothing ever goes the way you plan, and stress can be quick to pile up. However, when you take a step back, and take a time out to look at the true beauty life has to offer it is easy to quickly forget the imperfections of life. A quirky smile for your little one or a sweet kiss on the forehead from your loved one can easily make life seem perfect. With this blog I hope to express, and reflect on love and life and everything in between. I hope you grab your favorite drink, and come take a timeout with me to enjoy everything life has to offer!

~ Love always Mama Garcia~