Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer Rocks my World

"I smile because you are my sister, I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it!"
-- Author Unknown

The beautiful thing about coming from a large family is you will never NOT have someone to play with, look up to, and be inspired by!
Every year my youngest sister, Jen, creates a list of things she wants to accomplish by the end of the summer(something like a Summer Time Bucket list), and every year her  Obsessive Compulsive overly determined little self  finishes every task. Well... except for last year... I failed to take her swimming and to Jimmy Johns(our summer tradition). This year, inspired by Jen, I decided to create my own list. So cheers to summer, being inspired by family, and blogging my way through Summer 11. !

Project 1000

  1. Go to Warped Tour with my sisters
  2. . Take Aries swimming at least once a week(at least one time with Aunt Jenifer!)
  3. Take Aries fishing for the first time, and go at least once a week
  4. Go to Valley Fair at least once
  5. Take Aries to Duluth
  6. Go to the cabin at least once
  7. Finish my reading list
  8. Treat my self to Caribou(best coffee shop ever!) as often as possible!
  9. Go an entire week with no social media
  10. Go bowling at least 3x
  11. Buy a new wardrobe
  12. Bake a cake
  13. Project 1000… take at least 11 pictures a day until September
  14.  Go to a concert with Jacques
  15. Spend a night out dancing
  16. Make a blog/vlog at least 3 days a week
  17. finally put Aries 1st year scrap book together
  18. Take Aries to the zoo
  19. Take Aries to the children’s museum
  20. Harry Potter at Midnight
  21. Take Aries on his first boat ride
  22. Take Aries to Music in Plymouth
  23. Take Aries to the state fair... EEK
  24. Have a big Summer BBQ
  25. Enjoy being with people I love
  26. Get Organized and live Clutter Free
  27. GET FIT!
    ~Love Always Mama Garcia~


  1. Isn't summer the best?! I only wish it could last longer! I love this idea though, you are inspiring me to make a list myself.

  2. YAH! It is fun! I am really looking forward to crossing them all off by fall! :)

  3. (Stopping over from SITS) Your little man is absolutely adorable!!! Talk about an "ear to ear grin"! :) Sounds like you have some great plans for summer. I think your summer list is a great idea. I often get so busy doing what HAS to get done, that I forget to do what would be FUN to get done. I think I'll do it! ;)

    Have an amazing weekend!

  4. Hi Rebecca! Thank you so much! I feel the exact same about not getting around to what is fun! I hope you have fun with your list and have a wonderful summer! :)